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What is Letsbet ?

LetsBet is a completely decentralized betting platform, allowing players to bet on the price of the hottest cryptocurrencies. Everyday there is a jackpot of all the bets for the lucky winner who has predicted the price closest to the real price at 8am and 8pm UTC.

It is censorship resistant, completely autonomous and independent from any human intervention. It is the same breakthrough that made things like Bitcoin and Ethereum possible. Bitcoin and Ether are cryptocurrencies, but LetsBet is a complete match making platform, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. You can now finally bet on any game knowing that your funds and bets are completely anonymous, safe and secure in a smart contract based platform.

Platform features


Open sourced, smart contract based trustless platform running on Ethereum blockchain. It could be even hosted on your own machine.

Daily Games

Every day a new game will be played for each of the supported crypto currencies.


We don't store any of your details on our servers. LetsBet is completely anonymous!


Holding XBET tokens means you will win in bull-markets as well as in bear markets. Because no matter what… gamblers are gambling and holders are "hodling"!

Mobile Friendly

Track and see what is happening on LetsBet with your phone.

Community Driven

As a part of the community you are able to decide in what direction the platform should evolve. If you own XBET tokens you are automatically part of the community.




Prototype design and proof of concept


Development of Dapp

Design and development of decentralized betting application


Testnet Release sale

Release MVP on Testnet and token sale annoucement


Token sale

Presale and regular ICO token sale using Dutch Auction



UX enhancements, providing multilingual support


Public Launch

Launch on Mainnet and exchange listing


New Wallets

Mobile wallet, in-browser built wallet and hardware wallet support


New Games

Based on community decisions new games will be released


Mathias Adler


Mathias Adler

is a digital money expert with more than 10 years of experience in online payment systems. Prior to edentiX he worked as Vice-President of Paysafe Group, Europes biggest digital wallet provider.

Maximilian van de Sand


Maximilian van de Sand

studied international business law in Germany and Italy and is a registered lawyer with the Rechtsanwaltskammer Frankfurt. Since 2007 he worked in Asset Management for AllianceBernstein and subsequently Edmond de Rothschild. Amongst others he held positions as product specialist alternative investments and marketing manager Germany.

Traycho Ivanov


Traycho Ivanov

has more than 11+ years of Software Development. Worked for several top tier companies around Europe including German Stock Exchange, A1 Telekom, BMW. Blockchain enthusiast since 2015 and true believer in DAOs and their imminent future.

Leonard Hüsgen

Product Manager

Leonard Hüsgen

studied Computer Science/Business at Universität Potsdam. Since 2016 he builds affiliate marketing businesses and mobile Applications for iOS. His focus lies on UI/UX and marketing-strategies.

Ivo tasev


Ivo Tasev

is an IT expert with a background in system administration, financial analysis and trading. Prior to edentiX he founded ITWorks and helped Paysafe to become the leading fintech star. Ivo is a crypto trader of the early hour and advises primarily on the onboarding of the XBET token to exchanges.

Dimitar Shopoev


Dimitar Shopov

is a Director at edentiX and there responsible for business development and investor relationships. Before he was the Commercial Director for Gambling at Cash Flows and Head of Sales at Skrill (now Pay Safe). At Dimitar is acting as a door opener for professional investors and advising us in business development.

Sam Zabell


Sam Zabell

is an Australian born Advertising Art Director / User Experience Designer based in Amsterdam. Sam is infatuated by the psychological science behind ‘why’ we as humans ‘buy’. The magic manipulation techniques and conversion tactics that make brands perform. He has been gallivanting between projects in San Francisco, Medellín, Tokyo, Apia, New York, Port Moresby and Stockholm. Sam graduated in Interactive Art Direction at Hyper Island in Stockholm. Sam advises in all UX and web design related matters

Token structure

  • Ticker symbol - XBET
  • Total supply - 100 000 000 (100 Million)
  • Maximum crowdsale cap - 10 000 ETH
  • Minimum investment amount - 0.005 ETH
  • Presale cap - 1000 ETH

Frequently Asked Questions

LetsBet is a decentralized game, where everybody can bet on the price of the top Cryptocurrencies for a given time slot. Everyday there is a new round for each coin, with a START, LOCK and an END time. One bet will usually cost around $10 in ETH. The money are deposited into the Jackpot and after the game has ended, the person placed the closest bet to the real price wins 90% of it! The other 10% are distributed among the XBET token holders. If there is more than one player with same winning bet the jackpot is split proportionality .

"Hodl" is always a good advise. Specially when it comes to XBET token. You will receive a passive income / dividend every month. The amount depends on the money in the Jackpot and on the amount of tokens you hold. We plan to use the token also for voting and decision making in our community.

Currently we support Ethereum (ETH) as base currency for the platform

Our first version is build for gamblers and traders in the crypto-space.

The hard cap set for the token sale is 10 000 ETH.

There is no minimum investment as we decided to use Dutch Auction. You could put even a single 1$ value of ETH

You are not allowed to purchase XBET Tokens if you are a resident or purchasing from a location in Singapore, the United States of America or the People's Republic of China. You are not allowed to purchase XBET Tokens if you are an entity (including but not limited to any corporation or partnership) incorporated, established or registered in or under the laws of the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, or if you are purchasing XBET Tokens on behalf of any such entity

We will use XBET as ticker symbol

We will start with top 10 coins on Coinmarketcap. A coin will be added automatically if the community wants so.

For support please drop us an email at